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reFRESHing the classroom provides opportunities for educators and students to engage in the benefits of poetry as a communication tool and a creative process.  



with poetry

We encourage educators to integrate at least 10% of students' learning environments with poetry on a consistent basis to uplift 100% of each student's access to: thrive, belong, and expand connection. Investing in the arts, specifically poetry within the academic calendar year improves not only educational value, but mental health and wellness for the whole person.

Implementing this standard elevates more than the classroom experience.

By cultivating whole students, educators and parents are activating the next generation of unabridged, multifaceted, and confident citizens. 
What area of focus does your classroom want to improve,
because poetry improves them all!

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Poetry in the Classroom

Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us!!!!


It was so awesome to have you!! The students really loved it, as did we! We hope to have you back!


Our students had a lot of fun with this workshop! Lots of deep self-reflection too!



Still one of the best classroom visitors that I've had!

My son really enjoyed meeting you! He came home and you were the first part of his day that he told us about. He was the one that told you your poetry made him feel something. Thank you for being awesome! 🥹



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Mental Health
Public Speaking

"Poetry is ordinary language raised
to the Nth power."
—Paul Engle

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