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Kenneth L. Woods is a Hawaii native, literary enthusiast, published author, entomology fan, comic book aficionado,

fun-loving father and spouse.  

As an Indiana University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in biology and an Associate degree in chemistry his love for science and poetry actualized, provides a distinctive performance-art experience. His prose is a compilation of humor; satire intertwined with faith in humanity’s potential and most esteemed his Creator.

He has shared his spoken word poetry with intimate crowds to auditoriums of over 3,000. His artistry has span from the U.S to Greece and France through non-profit sector and corporate collaborations. His stage presence has connected diverse community members with literature among a variety of academic institutions, libraries, award-winning museums, and cultural arts centers. 

Notably his works have been published through the Indiana State Library within poetry archive, INverse. 

When visiting the state of Kentucky be on the lookout for his haiku underfoot, as it is sandblasted in concrete along with fellow poets works, sharing words of affirming social justice. 


As stated in an array of his compositions intellect is not deemed worthy by a specific ethnicity, socioeconomic class, gender or sex regardless of social media’s portrayal. 

 According to his original poem, “Augmented Reality”, “All it takes to truly stand out…is to just be you.”


Over a decade of pencil to paper, reciting poetry, challenging thought patterns and pointing people towards their purpose has developed not only KennyFresh performance-art but Refresherpoint’s conceptual design.


Refresherpoint LLC is a spoken word brand developed by KennyFresh and spouse, Marlesha S. Woods that reaches beyond cultural and societal barriers to simply provide another fresh lens to see the world and ourselves. 

KennyFresh utilizes the power of words to refresh perspectives about navigating our individual journeys with collective hope. 


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 "Your performance at of The Invisible Tour captured the spirit of our mission and principles.  Your performance was insightful and inspiring.


I encourage you keep sharing your amazing talent and artistry.  Along with Cincinnati Juneteenth Festival, we are planning a more impactful experience for next year.  We would love to have you return and be part of the festivities."


-Christopher Miller, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center